A Collection of Adorable Nudibranchs (Sea Slugs) high tech pets.

Nudis everywhere

Nudibranchs are Adorable, Colorful and Strinkingly Beautiful Sea Slugs. Now they can evolve, turning your collectibles into Augmented Reality Pets.

CryptoNudis Collectibles

cryptonudis collectibles

Rare, Indeed

Diamond and Legendary nudisbranchs have only one species available, Gold (3 possible siblings) and Pop (5 possible siblings)

cryptonudis unique artwork

Unique Artwork

Each Card is carefully, digitally Painted by Hand. There will never be a repetead card art.

hight tech pets

Hi-Tech Power Ups

You can evolute slugs by activating A.I., Augmented / Virtual / Mixed Reality powers

cryptonudis love

Made with Love

How can we not love them ?

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1st Wave Powerup (Q3 2019)

augmented reality
Augmented Reality Live Painting (SlugWallet)

Ethereum Main Net Contract

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